What s the significance of China-Burma oil and gas pipeline project

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Although�the northern part of Burma�have not yet signed�a national ceasefire agreement, we all�desire to�achieve�North Burma�thoroughly comprehensive and lasting peace. Because�in addition to�Burma�and Myanmar Adventure Tours China�being linked with mountains and rivers,�the fourth�energy artery�goes through North Central Burma,�this is the�China-Burma oil and gas pipeline�project. Fortunately,�since the�conflict in northern�Burma�did not affect�this major project,�the project is progressing well with�encouraging�prospects.�By April 12th,�since�the China myanmar cycling tour gas pipeline�from the�trial production�for 20 months,�has supplied the domestic 4740000000 cubic meters gas,�a total of�212000000 cubic meters of�transportation�to Burma.�For the Burma�transportation�construction�fourth�sub transmission�station has�arrived�from the beginning of April 7th�delivery.�By May�12th, it�has�supplied 285400 cubic meters,�mainly to meet the needs of�local power.�In addition,�according to the�crude oil pipeline�design and�progress�in an orderly way,�has entered the�stage of�water�transport..Whether it is�the implementation of the "going out" strategy,�but also to ensure�Chinese�energy security,�or�allow countries to�take China�ride,�share the�development dividend of China,�the China Burma oil and gas pipeline�project has important strategic significance�and obvious�significance.
Maybe�some people don't understand,�why consuming time, labor and money�to lay oil and gas pipeline�from India ocean in�the Andaman Sea�to Burma?�As a country�in the primary stage of industrialization�and modernization,�China's�oil and natural gas�consumption�has been among the forefront of the world for many years,�and�nearly 60 percent�relying on imports,�and�mainly from Malacca Strait the only�sea channel of Middle East,�sea�oil and gas supply�once�blocked,�the consequences�are unbearable to contemplate.�Therefore,�to expand oil and gas�imports diversification and�transport network�has become an important goal of�China�energy strategy.�

With the help of�Burma pipeline,�Chinese�will improve the�balanced distribution of�China-Russian oil and gas�pipelines, China-Asia oil and gas�pipelines and offshore�oil and gas pipelines, further�enhance the anti risk�of�input oil and gas.�Secondly,�the oil and gas pipeline�entering Yunnan through�Burma�is of great value for�Chinese�Southwest�Oil & gas pipeline construction�and the development of the western region,�because how to achieve�cheap and efficient�transport of oil and gas�determines�the speed and efficiency of economic development,�and people's�living standards and�quality.�In view of the whole world, the North America,�Russia,�Europe and other countries and regions,�all�have a complete,�balanced�and�comprehensive coverage of the�oil and gas pipeline.�
USA�has built�the world's largest�natural gas pipeline network,�the�North American natural gas�trunk pipeline�more than 480000 kilometers,�USA�domestic�oil pipe network of 152900 kilometers 50�states involved.�Russia's�oil and gas�pipeline transportation system�length and�volume�ranked second in the world,�oil and gas pipeline�route�length of 231000 km,�90% oil and�100% natural gas�all achieved pipeline�transport.�Europe is�the most intensive�area of�natural gas pipeline network in the world,�has built 126000�km�trunk line pipeline,�18�LNG stations�and more than 60�underground gas storage.�At present�Chinese�oil and gas pipeline�length of approximately�100000 kilometers,�the gap�between these countries and�regions�is not small. Therefore,�the China Burma oil and gas pipeline�project�undertakes the�strategic function of�the Southwest�National weaving�trap.