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MR. ROSE: All proper. REP. BACHMANN: That's why I introduced the invoice to repeal Dodd- Frank, because it'll harm credit score, not add to credit score. 5 debit card charge that people are paying each -- each month that they're upset about, due to Dodd-Frank. And that was insider dealing, as a result of Senator Ron Paul Liberty Report today Durbin had former staffers that came to lobby him on behalf of retailers. That is soiled dealing. As president of the United States, I might finish all of those payoffs to political donors by -- by -- by our legislators. That's a -- that is fallacious. That's got to end. MR. ROSE: Ok. Here, after which go over here -- first, and then there. MR. CAIN: Along with what Governor Romney mentioned, I agree, repeal Dodd-Frank. But in addition, get rid of the capital positive factors tax. That's a big wall between folks with concepts and folks with cash. And we know which plan will get rid of the capital beneficial properties tax. REP. PAUL: I just want to add one fast factor.

As a working example, during Ron Paul Liberty Report today Paul's most recent presidential campaign, articles from a journal he edited years in the past have been introduced into proof. The online is like this with every part. If somebody your feed is following posts something that goes towards your model image, block them. It may be as innocuous as a difference of opinion, Ron Paul Liberty Report today or as outrageous as a racially insensitive remark, but be assured someone somewhere has a document. Post about it, and put up a notification as to your choice. Cover your bases, instead of giving the advantage of the doubt. Of course, there are occasions if you might need to follow somebody whose picture contradicts your personal. There is no onerous and fast rule, after all. Remember, for instance, that you would be able to compose lists that display users in managed teams. It is a valuable instrument that can create the all-necessary context essential for good model management and promotion.

Poor Americans have their cash taken from them and given to a global, unaccountable establishment, the place it is then given to corrupt leaders in other nations in the type of kickbacks. In fact, this development of authorities giving out favors is nothing new, in accordance with Paul. He mentions former Congressmen who, once they leave workplace, staff up with members of the opposing get together in lobbying for particular interest teams. In any case, the entrenched interest groups want the assist of both parties to obtain their handouts from the federal government in the form of taxpayer money. But authorities benefits, either to corporations, curiosity teams, or welfare recipients, causes two issues at once: it takes away money from another person, and it makes the receiver dependent on government. The main offender in this corrupt system, in line with Dr. Paul, is the banking system itself, with the Federal Reserve as the pinnacle of the snake.

Today we start with the Rothschilds. The "system" being described, as you likely know, is the international banking system. It is without doubt one of the oldest and most highly effective on the earth, so far as programs go. We now have evidence of simply how dedicated. 110.7 billion borrowed during the week in October 2008 when use of the program surged to a document. The disclosures may stoke a reexamination of the dangers posed to U.S. In the heat of the 2008 meltdown, the Federal Reserve supplied up big money infusions -- bailouts in disguise, generally in the tens of billions -- at a fast and unprecedented clip. For a very long time after, the Fed refused to disclose who those loans had been made to, probably on the grounds that individuals could be upset. Now we understand why. But the Fed's most surprising bailout of all was probably that of Arab Banking Corp., majority owned (at the time) by the Central Bank of Libya.

Now, so you got to watch out of the stuff that you get off the Internet because that is just not one thing that I have said. Secondly, when i served on the board of the Federal Reserve within the nineties, we didn't do any of the things that this Federal Reserve is doing. I do not agree with the actions of this Federal Reserve. I don't agree with the actions which have been undertaken by Ben Bernanke. 14 trillion national debt to prop up with among the actions that they're taking. And I've additionally mentioned, to be precise, I don't object to the Federal Reserve being audited. I simply said if somebody desires to provoke that possibility, go right ahead. It doesn't hassle me. So you -- I have been misrepresented in that regard. I don't have an issue with the Federal Reserve being audited. It's simply not my prime priority.