First International Travel Tips and Bits of Advice that everyone needs to remember

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Travel in itself is fun and an enriching experience. However, if you are leaving your home country to go out into the big, wide world for the very first time in your life you need to be made aware of certain things.

Passport and Visa:

Be sure to check the renewal date on your passport against the passport requirements of the country or countries you plan on traveling to. Some countries require 6 months on your passport after the planned on departure date. Very few countries have "Visa on Arrival" so you need to check that too before you leave. In the event, you do not have a passport you would need to apply for one which would take a few weeks. Expedited luxury myanmar services are available for an extra charge. Visa processing also takes time. There are various international travel packages, international tour packages, and best holiday packages provided by various travel agencies that can take care of your passport, visa, and hotel bookings and also arrange guided myanmar luxury tours if you so wish.


If you are on any prescribed medication ensure to fill your prescription before you leave. Note the generic name in case you run out of it on your travels. If it involves the use of a syringe, remember to collect a letter from your doctor. If you wear glasses make sure you carry an extra pair. Also, if the country or countries you are traveling to need for you to get vaccinated ensure that it is done before your departure. Before booking international tour packages, keep all medicines.


Travel light as that will keep you from being worried about your luggage on your travels. Unless absolutely necessary, do not carry any valuables in your luggage such as expensive jewelry or expensive gadgets. Bear in mind that different countries have different sized plugs and voltages so remember to carry a charger adapter in case you are carrying electrical gadgets that need to be charged on the go. Include a pocket battery to charge your phone off of. Always lock your luggage and stay alert to any signs of snatch and grab.

Cell phone:

Be sure to talk to your cell phone service provider and ensure you have a plan conducive to your travels else you can opt for a local SIM in the country you visit.


Carry enough money to cover your needs but be sure to include a credit card or two. Cash always helps especially for buses and trains and if you opt for street food. ATM cards can be helpful when traveling abroad. On this note, keep your bank and credit card provider informed of your travel dates so your account is not locked and cards are not denied on suspicion of fraud.


It is always a good idea to learn a few words in the local language of the country or countries you plan on visiting. To this end, guidebooks can be of help. Try to blend in with the local customs and traditions as much as possible. Be friendly with the locals, especially, the staff at your accommodations who can be of great help. Make friends as you go.


There is a choice in the form of accommodation available such as hotels, hostels, Airbnb, etc. Try to book best holiday packages in advance as much as possible.