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Kimberly's Flight" is a finalist for the 2012 Army Historical Foundation Distinguished Writing Award. Winners will likely be introduced in June." posted on Ann Hampton's facebook page.Note: Previous itemizing of Book Signings,Photos,etc. I'll admit that it has been a long since I wrote one (up until now of course) but will attempt to write a bit extra in the close to future. Thanks so much, I will definitely need to do this quickly. Here's more information on Trade Sale look at our own web-page. Will suppose about that although and see if I can whittle away at some concept and keep it quick and candy! I'd sure prefer to see it. Like prasetio30 you might be an educator and to be requested such an awesome request is an honor! If the weather isnt good, you'll be able to each take turns ready in the automotive while the other fast checks the storage sale to see if there are any interesting gadgets left. See flyer under for places

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